CEO Blog

As a Hapimag shareholder or member, you have the opportunity to exchange information with Hassan Kadbi and other shareholders and members via the CEO Blog.

The CEO blog is taking a summer break

Thank you very much for your valuable contributions and the exciting discussions I have had with you over the past few months. It shows me just how engaged our community is. We are going to take a break over the summer and then pick up the CEO blog again in the autumn. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful summer and relaxing holidays.

Until next time, best regards
Hassan Kadbi


“I love Hapimag because ... ”

Tell us why! What makes you happy when you think about Hapimag? We can then let others share our enthusiasm.


Are our apartment categories still up to date?

In this CEO Blog I would like to discuss the topic of apartment categories. How important are the Deluxe, Premium, Comfort or Budget categories to you? Could you envisage other options?


When would your children choose to join the Hapimag community?

This time, I would like to change the format of the CEO blog slightly and ask you a question, dear shareholders. I hope to be able to initiate an interesting and lively discussion. The question is what would it take for your children to become part of the Hapimag Community?


How well does Hapimag communicate?

One of Hapimag’s main corporate goals is to improve the way in which we communicate with you, our shareholders and members. How much progress have we made in this respect? Do you feel that you are well informed? What more could we do? I am looking forward to hearing your opinions.