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When would your children choose to join the Hapimag community?

This time, I would like to change the format of the CEO blog slightly and ask you a question, dear shareholders. I hope to be able to initiate an interesting and lively discussion. The question is what would it take for your children to become part of the Hapimag Community?

Family cohesion is the basis on which our community is built and is also fundamental to ensuring that our Hapimag concept will continue to live on for another 55 years. You must certainly have an idea of the best way to pass on this concept to the next generation. Maybe you've already talked about it within your family. Perhaps even while on a Hapimag holiday?

I am looking forward to reading your comments. Just write openly and directly, and tell me what you think. All suggestions, opinions and ideas are welcome. I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with you and am sure that this discussion will involve many good arguments and constructive contributions.

Did you know that...

… the offers for families are very popular? Hapimag has already recorded around 38 000 bookings for families in the current year. There are Mini & Maxi Clubs with well-thought-out children’s programmes in 20 of our 60 or so Hapimag resorts. And at all Hapimag Resorts, we naturally provide free services for your family holiday, including games, welcome gifts and plenty of useful items for hire.

… many shareholders buy additional shares or pass their shares onto the next generation? Over the last two years, approximately 2000 additional shares have been purchased by shareholders and 12 000 shares were transferred.

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