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Are our apartment categories still up to date?

In this CEO Blog I would like to discuss the topic of apartment categories. How important are the Deluxe, Premium, Comfort or Budget categories to you? Could you envisage other options?

First of all I would like to thank you for your great commitment in the last CEO Blog on the topic "When would your children choose to join the Hapimag community?” Your suggestions and feedbacks are valuable for the relevant discussions at all decision-making levels.

Let’s put on our thinking caps and come up with some ideas this time as well. All suggestions and opinions are welcome. We will gladly include your proposals in on-going discussions and in our plans.

What would you change in the apartment categories?
The location and view in particular are key factors for our categorisation system, which was introduced some twenty years ago. From a price perspective, more residence points have to be used for Deluxe apartments and fewer for the Budget category.

The categories:

  • Our Deluxe apartments offer discerning guests the best location in the resort, with additional amenities and in some instances high-quality furnishings and equipment.
  • Premium refers to holiday apartments with a wonderful view or a spacious layout in a prime location.
  • Comfort describes apartments that are of the usual and proven standard offered by Hapimag.
  • Although not all Budget holiday apartments are in a prime location, their furnishings and equipment are of course in keeping with the proven Hapimag standard.

However, the question we have to ask now is: are these categorisations really still up to date? How important are these criteria to you when choosing your holiday apartment? Do you take them into account when looking for an apartment? We know that a good view and location are important for many guests. Nonetheless, do you think there are other criteria that need to be met to assign an apartment to an appropriate category, for example technical facilities and additional furnishings and equipment?

I am eager to hear your suggestions. I look forward to hearing your solid arguments, constructive contributions and to exchanging ideas with you. Many thanks for your commitment!

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