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How well does Hapimag communicate?

One of Hapimag’s main corporate goals is to improve the way in which we communicate with you, our shareholders and members. How much progress have we made in this respect? Do you feel that you are well informed? What more could we do? I am looking forward to hearing your opinions.

When I started as CEO, I emphasised how important it was to me that all Hapimag shareholders and members were kept informed in a correct, consistent and transparent manner. I believe that Hapimag has made great progress towards this goal in recent months. But we naturally also see some room for improvement.

First of all, I would like to say that I can feel how the culture of conversation in general is changing. For example, I hold weekly CEO talks and speak with my employees in Steinhausen. Every quarter, we hold employee information meetings that are broadcast via Videostream to the resorts.

Our employees are doing a good job
Let’s start with daily business. At the Hapimag Member Service in Steinhausen, hundreds of calls and e-mails are answered on a daily basis. Our employees in the Member Service do an excellent job every day. They take care of all our guests’ concerns and proactively engage in dialogue with our shareholders and members.

The feedback that we receive from many guests after their holiday helps us to improve our services. I would like to once again express my thanks for the regular and detailed feedback we have received. So far this year, 29,700 feedback forms have been sent to us.

ePost is in demand
I am pleased that many more shareholders and members have decided to receive their information electronically. That saves Hapimag a lot of time and money. We send out regular newsletters to almost 61,000 subscribers. Approximately 55,000 shareholders and members receive their printed documents by ePost in their Booking Portal mailbox, and 5,905 shareholders voted at the Annual General Meeting by eVoting.

If you have not yet done so, I would like to remind you to change your contact settings in the Booking Portal under “News and Marketing”. This is important. Subject to your consent, we will be contacting you in different ways, in line with the new data protection guidelines.

CEO Blog has 30,000 readers 
In my view, the CEO Blog has made a major contribution to the improved communication. It was launched in May 2017 and has now appeared 12 times with combined approximately 30,000 readers.

Many of you provide feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism. All opinions are welcome. The discussions are mostly open, honest and respectful. I value that very highly. Since the start of the blog, my team and I have answered hundreds of comments in five different languages.

The CEO Blog helps me to manage Hapimag even better in the interests of shareholders and members. Together with the other feedback channels, it provides a very good snapshot of overall sentiment.

Active community on social media
Our community is very involved on social media channels. I think holidays are one of the most popular topics on social media, and one of the most beautiful. As part of Hapimag’s 55th anniversary, we have launched the online competition “the most beautiful #hapimag55 moment”. The website “” has registered about 33,000 hits and more than 1,200 participants in the competition. I am pleased to see that so many people are ready to share their most beautiful moments in life as a photo or video clip.

Social media communication will offer us even more opportunities going forward. The number of our followers on Instagram, for example, has risen sharply since September 2017. This trend is a clear indication that a younger target group is interested in Hapimag, and is in keeping with the needs of the next generation. You can now view continuously updated impressions from social media on our Hapimag homepage.

Valuable discussions in the resorts
Along with all the digital channels and telephone communication, personal discussions remain the most valuable for us. We have come up with something special to promote more discussion. In future, Manuel Carrasco, our Chief Hospitality Officer, and I will be inviting you to join us for small discussion rounds in the resorts with the name “Hapimag on Tour”. The talks will take place when we are at a resort on business.

Two discussion rounds have already taken place: one on 30 August in Damnoni and another on 14 September in Cavallino. These two gatherings were warm, and a wide range of topics came up for discussion. The unique cohesion and sense of community within Hapimag were clearly noticeable.

Advisory services for the Hapimag holiday world
A series of regional events began in February at which shareholders and members had the opportunity to find out more information, for example, about “New Services”. There were 34 such events held in Switzerland, Italy, Turkey and the Netherlands.

In addition, during the summer months a team of advisors visited various resorts – and will be doing so in future as well. They provide assistance with questions about the Hapimag holiday world. This support has been very well received so far by shareholders and members.

Better communication about complex issues
We have of course also made some mistakes. In hindsight, there needed to be more repetition of communication about the changes in “New Services”, which involved the booking process and cancellation conditions. There were many questions about this.

It became clear that complex changes in particular require constant communication and that we must always return to these important issues again and again. We are working on optimising the new services on the basis of your valuable feedback.

Exchange of ideas with shareholder representatives 
In addition, we would also like to continue fostering and strengthening the relationship we have with shareholders. Constructive criticism helps us to improve our work, and even if we do not always agree, we have the same goal: a sustainable and successful company.

The discussions this year have been fruitful, and we will continue to hold them in future, while next year we will hold informal get-togethers on a regular basis. We would like to provide information on operational issues and of course to discuss the feedback we receive from the associations.

As I said earlier, there has been an improvement in the communication with our shareholders and members on the whole. But communication is never perfect, and never can be. It thrives on dialogue, on the active participation of all participants. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? How could we improve our communication with you? I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

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