Hapimag is a sound alternative to owning your own holiday apartment – 125 000 shareholders and members form a sharing community and have access to around 60 resorts in 16 countries.

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In the press folder, you will find the most important information and an overview of Hapimag’s key corporate figures.

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Hapimag AG Press

Results of the 55th ordinary Annual General Meeting of Hapimag AG

The Hapimag shareholders approved the annual accounts and consolidated financial statements for 2018 at today’s Annual General Meeting in Baar.
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The Hapimag group's key figures:

  • Shareholders and Members: about 125,000
  • Own resorts: about 60
  • Accommodation units: over 5,000
  • Employees (in full-time positions): about 1,400
  • Revenue 2018: EUR 166.2 million
  • Level of equity capitalisation: 72%

Photo Galleries

Selection of around 60 Hapimag resorts

Hapimag Resort Ascona (Switzerland)

Hapimag Resort Flims (Switzerland)

Hapimag Resort Interlaken (Switzerland)

Hapimag Resort Château de Chabenet (France)

Hapimag Resort Damnoni (Crete, Greece)

Hapimag Resort Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Hapimag Resort Lisbon (Portugal)

President of the Board of Directors: Dr. iur. Giatgen Peder Fontana

Member of the Executive Committee, Chief Executive Officer: Hassan Kadbi

Member of the Executive Committee, Chief Hospitality Officer: Manuel Carrasco

Member of the Executive Committee, Chief Financial Officer: Silvan Odermatt

Hapimag General Meeting 2018 Baar (CH)

Dr. iur. Giatgen Peder Fontana, Hapimag General Meeting 2018 Baar (CH)

Hassan Kadbi, Hapimag General Meeting 2018 Baar (CH)

Hapimag General Meeting 2018 Baar (CH)

Press releases

Hapimag’s annual profit for 2018 rises to EUR 14.9 million


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