Terms of Use for Hapimag Websites

These Terms of Use apply to all websites operated by Hapimag AG (Hapimag), in particular www.hapimag.com and any subpages as well as partial representations of the Hapimag websites (collectively "Hapimag Websites"). By using the Hapimag website, you agree to these terms of use. Every use of this website (hereinafter referred to as "Website") is subject to the following terms of use of Hapimag AG, Steinhausen (hereinafter referred to as "Hapimag").

1. General information on the website

1.1 Hapimag offers all general information provided on the website solely as a guide for the user. The user is understood to mean every user of the website who uses it for booking or informational purposes. General information is all information on the website with the exception of information regarding travel services, travel prices, taxes and / or other compulsory statutory information. The general information can change at any time. The user should therefore contact the relevant institutions, embassies or tourist information offices to ensure that the information provided is up-to-date. In particular with regard to entry requirements (identity papers, visas, etc.) and sanitary formalities (e.g., prescribed vaccinations), Hapimag cannot be held responsible for the timeliness and / or completeness of the country-specific information.

1.2 For all information regarding entry and sanitary formalities, users must obtain information independently from the competent consulate or diplomatic representation.

2. Use of the website

2.1 The website is available to the user for personal use only. Travel and other tourist services (hereinafter referred to as "tourism services") obtained through the website, of various third-party companies, such as: Travel insurers, car rental companies, tour operators, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as "providers") may not be resold, brokered or otherwise passed on to third parties for a fee.

2.2 The website is to be used exclusively in legally permissible manner and in terms of the contracts to be concluded for tourism services, in particular in compliance with these terms of use. Use in this sense is the information about tourism services and their booking and any other lawful use of the features installed on the site.

In particular:

  • The user is fully responsible for all actions taken under his name and using his personal data on the website.
  • The user must be at least 18 years old and fully capable of acting.
  • The user assures that all information that he provides about his person and / or fellow travelers is true.
  • The site may not be used for speculative purposes, false or fraudulent bookings, and block bookings.
  • Threats, coercion, defamation and the transmission of pornographic, racist, inciting or otherwise otherwise unlawful and / or discriminatory material are expressly prohibited.
  • The website and its content may not be modified, duplicated, transmitted, sold, published or reproduced in any way by the user. However, it is permissible to make a single copy of the Site for private, non-commercial use.
  • Files containing software or other material that is covered by intellectual property rights or protected by copyright should not be circulated unless the user has such rights or the user has the required permissions obtained.
  • Files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or software that could damage the operation of a third party computer must not be installed.
  • Author assignments, legal notices, proprietary notices or markings contained in a loaded file (software or other material) may not be erased or falsified.
  • Goods or services may not be advertised or offered for sale. Surveys, competitions or chain letters may not be conducted or forwarded.
  • Access to the website may only be made via the corresponding homepage. In the context of affiliate programs the use of the website requires a prior written agreement with Hapimag. Links may not be displayed by inclusion in frames without the prior written consent of Hapimag.

2.4 The provisions set out in Section 2.3 apply mutatis mutandis to bulletin boards, blogs, chat rooms and other communication forums (collectively "forums") on the website. All forums are public and not private communications. All third party content in these forums will not be reviewed or approved by Hapimag before they are hired. Hapimag reserves the right to remove without notice any content from forums that have been communicated or sent by users.

3. Software

3.1 Hapimag and its affiliates (Hapimag Group of Companies) and / or its affiliates own all intellectual property rights in the machine-written computer programs ("Software") that Hapimag provides for downloading and / or downloading otherwise be operated on or in connection with the website. The unauthorized use, duplication or passing on of such software is expressly prohibited.

3.2 The use of the Software may be subject to a special agreement ("License Agreement") and other conditions. The user will be informed in advance about the necessity of such an agreement. The user may not install, copy or use software that is accompanied by a license agreement or that contains a license agreement without first agreeing to the terms of the license agreement.

3.3 Any duplication of the software on other servers and / or data carriers for the purpose of further duplication is expressly prohibited. The same applies to traceability through reverse engineering, decompilation and / or disassembling.

4. Copyright, trademarks, other protective rights

4.1 Hapimag is the owner of the copyright and all other proprietary rights to the website and its content. All content belongs exclusively to Hapimag and the affiliated company (Hapimag Group), unless the ownership of a third party is specially marked. The name Hapimag as well as all brands, logos and graphics or issued certificates of Hapimag and other companies of the Hapimag Group on the website are registered trademarks of Hapimag AG.

4.2 Hapimag has the right to use trademarks of non-affiliates companies within our promotional offer.

4.3 The user receives no rights or licenses to use the trademarks i.S. paragraphs 5.1 and 5.2.

4.4 All texts, images, graphics, audio, video and animation files as well as their arrangement together with the underlying software codes on the Hapimag websites are subject to the protection of copyright and trademark law and / or other intellectual property rights. This content belongs exclusively to Hapimag and its affiliated companies, unless the ownership of a third party is specially marked.

4.5 The names HAPIMAG, DUFTE FERIEN BY HAPIMAG, FERIENAKTIE_21, FERIENDUFT BY HAPIMAG, HAPITOUR, TANDEM TOURS, WATERSPORT BY HAPIMAG, „YGM“ Young Generation Manager by Hapimag as well as all brands, logos and graphics and certificates from Hapimag and other Hapimag companies Group of companies on the Hapimag websites are registered trademarks of Hapimag AG. The user receives no rights or licenses to use the Hapimag brands.

4.6 Unless otherwise stated, the contents may not be used without the written permission of Hapimag for the purposes stated in these Terms of Use or for the purposes stated in the text on the Hapimag Websites.

4.7 It is expressly prohibited to automatically collect, compare, distribute, extract, or otherwise modify, transmit or otherwise modify the data / content of Hapimag websites (including booking forms, text, images, audio or video files) for public or commercial use, reuse, redeploy or use (in particular, but not exclusively, through the use of "robots", "spiders" or other mechanisms). In particular, the integration and presentation of data / content (including prices) on third-party websites through interlinks, deep links or frames is not permitted.

4.8 Hapimag will prosecute any violation of its rights and eliminate the impairment, in the event of a risk of repetition, demand injunctive relief and assert claims for damages.

5. Changes to the Hapimag Websites and the Terms of Use

Hapimag reserves the right to withdraw, restrict or change the services and information available to you on the Hapimag website without advance notice and at the absolute discretion of Hapimag. This also includes making improvements or changes to the information, services, products and other materials on the Hapimag websites at any time without prior notice. The same applies to the amendment of these Terms of Use.

As of 29.05.18