About us

Audit Advisory Board

The AAB is an independent body that reviews the activities of senior management on behalf of the Annual General Meeting, if this review task is not already carried out by the auditors. The three members are elected for two years and are each responsible for one department.

Ruth Steimann

Tourism & hospitality and/or hotel industry

Ruth Steimann has been a member of the Reviewing Advisory Board since 2019. She is a deeply committed tourism professional with more than 25 years of industry experience of the tourism sector. She has been working for Hamburg Tourismus GmbH as a head of department since more than ten years; prior to this she worked for TV channel ZDF in Mainz in travel management for many years, including as team leader. In addition, she gained international tourism experience in the United Arab Emirates and Japan.

Karl-Heinz Buckel

Corporate governance & compliance

Karl-Heinz Buckel has been a member of the Reviewing Advisory Board since 2019. He holds a degree in finance administration (FH). After graduating from high school, he studied Finance at the Bavarian Civil Service College. He worked as tax auditor for the Bavarian tax authorities for 33 years and has been employed by the Federal Central Tax Office in Bonn since 2001. His focus is on international tax law and the auditing of the largest German retail companies and in the hotel and system catering sector.

Mirco Pietro Plozza

Resort development & hospitality real estate management

Mirco Plozza has been a member of the Reviewing Advisory Board since 2019. He is a graduate in Hotelier and Restaurant Management (HF Thun) and holds an MBA in Hospitality and Tourism (Guelph, Canada). He worked independently, managing small catering establishments and hotels in Switzerland beginning in 1996, followed by management and general management positions at Hilton in Canada and at the Calabogie Peaks Resort in Ontario. Since 2014, Mirco Plozza has been employed as director at the Delta Vital Resort in Gwatt Thun. He also holds mandates on the board of directors of Klinik Schönberg and Spiez Marketing AG.