Our Strategy

Our strategy sets out how we intend to achieve our long-term goals in a changing environment. At the forefront is satisfying the interests of shareholders and members, optimising the business model and attracting new customers.

Unser Fortschritt
Our Strategy

We want to make you happy and we do everything we can to keep improving Hapimag.

Hassan Kadbi, Chief Executive Officer
Our Vision & Mission

It’s our belief that holidays make people happy, and a world with more happy people is a better world. We’re convinced of that. Our vision is therefore “More Happy People For a Better World”.

Our mission and thus our hope is to create an authentic holiday experience that exceeds the expectations of our guests and makes them happy.

Our Goals

Optimise the Business Model

The share forms the basis of our business model. Our product will need to be even more customer-friendly and flexible in future and meet the challenges of our times. By breaking down entry barriers, we hope to reach new customers and make it easier for them to join in. 

Improve & Enhance the Holiday Experience

A holiday with Hapimag should continue to inspire. For this reason, we are devoting ourselves to meeting the needs of our shareholders and members as well as those of the next generation.

Promote Sustainability & Innovation

With the help of the right cooperation partners, we want to create added value for our community that goes beyond the Hapimag holiday experience, while also contributing to a sustainable future.

Our Priorities

Share Product

Make the share product simple, flexible and transparent.

New Customers

Reach new customers and reduce their barriers to entry

Points Usage

Increase points usage and ensure an optimal occupancy at the resorts.

Holiday Experience

Create an inspiring, high-quality holiday experience.

Sustainability & Innovation

Create a sustainable and innovative customer experience.

Share Product

We are creating a simple, flexible and transparent share product. It is our belief that we can better satisfy our shareholders, members and the next generation with a product in keeping with the times; this should also make it easier for Hapimag to win over new shareholders.

More specifically, this means, for example, making the general terms and conditions more customer-friendly, offering more advantages for shareholders and bringing together potential buyers and sellers of shares with the Hapimag Marketplace. 

New Customers

We are developing a share product with the lowest possible barriers for entry to more easily bring new shareholders over to Hapimag. Today, people have less of an appetite for long-term commitment and want to test an offer before reaching a decision on it.

More specifically, this means, for example, optimising marketing channels, strengthening referral marketing and giving new customers the opportunity to realise the value of a Hapimag experience before becoming a shareholder. 

Points Usage

We are increasing points usage and improving the occupancy rates of our resorts by promoting flexible use of residence points among shareholders and members. As a result, fewer points are expiring. 

More specifically, this means, for example, making it easier to trade points using the Points Platform, increasing the purchase rate per share and simplifying the points system.

Holiday Experience

Our aim is to inspire our current and future guests with a high-quality holiday experience. In doing so, we are deliberately addressing their needs and increasingly involving them in the decision-making process.

More specifically, this means, for example, improving the holiday experience at the resorts as well as our digital channels, and establishing and increasing cooperation with other holiday resorts. 

Sustainability & Innovation

We are making Hapimag more attractive to shareholders, members and the next generation, while also creating added value that extends beyond the standard Hapimag holiday. This also entails being aware of our responsibility for a better world and solidifying sustainability within our strategy. 

More specifically, this means, for example, supporting cooperation with innovative start-ups and taking various measures to promote sustainability at Hapimag. 

Our Progress (march 2022)

  • Holiday experience

    Target: Our aim is to inspire our current and future guests with a high-quality holiday experience. In doing so, we are making a conscious effort to address their needs and involve them more closely in the decision-making process.

    High level of quality
    We can maintain the high level of quality for our guests, while trying to improve ourselves further at the same time: The satisfaction level, which is measured on a regular basis, has been a very good 85% for many years. In addition, we introduced a new quality assurance system in January 2022 that allows us to process and evaluate feedback from guests much more easily, efficiently and personally.

    Capital expenditure and maintenance
    We continuously invest in our resorts: Over the next five years, we plan to make targeted improvements to the holiday apartments at 20 resorts, ranging from touchups to total renovations. At the same time, value-preserving investments as well as maintenance, repair and replacement measures are carried out in all resorts on an ongoing basis. 

    Introduction of the Flex Option
    In 2021, together with the new booking provisions, we also introduced the Flex Option. The Flex Option allows members to cancel up to one day before their planned holiday, without any points being debited. A moderate price surcharge of 15% on the applicable local charges is applied. After the launch, around 8000 bookings were made with the new Flex Option, which is very promising.

  • Share Product

    Target: We win over our existing customers as well as new members with a share product that is easy to understand and flexible.

    Introduction of Hapimag Marketplace
    In 2021, we launched the Marketplace for shares: a digital meeting place for potential buyers and sellers of Hapimag shares. It was initially launched as part of a test phase for Swiss shareholders, then gradually expanded to other markets. 810 shares had already changed hands by the end of 2021. During 2022, prospective customers will now be able to buy shares via Marketplace as well. You can find more information on this at www.hapimag.com/marketplace

    Introduction of the new GTC
    In October 2020, we were able to create a customer-friendly legal basis for our current and future shareholders with the introduction of the new general terms and conditions (GTC) for the «Hapimag Classic» share. These GTCs include, among other things, a shortened minimum term of three years (previously seven). It is then possible to suspend the holiday right annually. Shares can also be sold via the new Marketplace, regardless of the contractual minimum term. This significantly increases the flexibility of the share product with regard to the minimum contract term

  • Points usage

    Target: We are increasing points usage and making better use of resort capacities by promoting the simple and flexible use of residence points among members. Fewer points are expiring as a result.

    Buy and sell points more easily
    Since the launch of the points platform in July 2019, members can buy and sell points more easily. This has significantly increased the exchange and use of Hapimag residence points. In 2021 alone, 1.441 million points changed hands (previous year: 1.125 million).

    Targeted information to members
    IT solutions in the area of marketing allow us to provide our members with more targeted information. Specific expiry points or occupancy campaigns, for example, helped to promote occupancy last year – and therefore also points usage.

    Prospective customers will book with residence points
    The new acquisition model (cf. «Try out Hapimag») will further promote points usage. Using the simplified website described above, the residence points needed for a booking by a prospective customer are purchased directly on the points platform. The revenues generated by the points sold therefore go directly to the shareholders and members.

  • New Customers

    Target: We are developing the option to try out Hapimag with no barriers to entry, in the aim of making it easier to convince potential new members about Hapimag.

    Website is becoming simpler
    We created a basis for a simplified website, including a booking portal for existing and prospective customers, a points platform and a Marketplace for Hapimag shares. The new platform, which will gradually merge the functions of the previous website with the booking portal, will make it easier for users to book holiday apartments or additional services. It will be rolled out successively over the course of 2022, featuring constant improvements for the benefit of users.

    Try out Hapimag
    We have developed a concept that will allow prospective customers to try out Hapimag in future with no obligation. Direct access to this is granted by a booking portal integrated into the new website. Throughout 2022, new customers will be acquired primarily via the new website and via the Marketplace for Hapimag shares.

  • Sustainability and Innovation

    Target: We will make Hapimag more attractive for existing shareholders and members and for the next generation, and create added value that goes beyond just the holiday. This also entails assuming our responsibility for a better world and establishing sustainability more firmly within our strategy.

    Corporate Social Responsibility strategy (CSR)
    We are currently developing a comprehensive CSR strategy. It focuses on responsibility for our environment, sustainable supply chains, responsible treatment of our employees, and also on the regional sites. 

    Innovation thanks to fresh ideas
    Since 2019, we have been promoting cooperation ventures with innovative startups that help us optimise our processes or even improve the holiday and customer experience. We test the products from these partners. With our co-working space at the Hapimag headquarters in Steinhausen, we offer startups somewhere they can work and benefit from the mutual dialogue this creates. You will find more information on our cooperation ventures at www.hapimag.com/coworking

For our members: